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Industrial Flooring


Industrial Flooring Services

From being the first company in our region to Launch Tremix / VDF / VDC flooring services to having the latest Large Line Laser Screeding machine with Robotic Arm and Ride on Laser Screeding System.

We are fully equipped and trained to execute concrete floorings for Large Warehouses and Industries.
We can deliver Design Build Services for your flooring that will perform much better as compared to older and obsolete method of Tremix / VDC / VDV floor casting systems.

Industrial Flooring

Using the most advanced, fully automatic, Robotic Laser Boom Screed and Ride on Screed Systems along with a highly trained team we can exceute Flat Floor, FM1, FM2 and regular industrial floor of highest quality and meeting international standards of flooring industry. Our setup has equipment from respected maket leaders of the Industry, i.e. Somero and Ligchine.

  1. Robotic Laser Boom Screed Services
  2. FM1 /FM2 / FM3 floors with Certification
  3. Concrete Floor Replating
  4. Industrial Floor Upgrade & Reconditioning
  5. Large Warehouse Flooring
Flat Floor for Warehouse

Dustfree Reflective Concrete Flooring

Mastering the art and science of a good looking high performance concrete floor for a warehouse that is dust free, has less porosity and also harder as compared to a regular floor.

We ensure that the end result of a finished floor is a reflective finish, that also reduced energy consumption of lighting in your warehouse project.

Flat Floor for Warehouse

Our Promise to your for the Concrete Floor.

Our experience since 1992 in Industrial Fooring gives us an edge with quality and delivery expected from the concrete floor.
Flooring is the heart of your Warehouse or your Industry.

To make a concrete floor is an art and science. Due training of the team along with highest quality machines is the key to a successful concrete floor.

A well made concrete floor is cheaper to maintain and has a reduced life cycle cost. We promise this with our delivery

Specifications Development & Turnkey Solutions

We will be happy to develop practical & optimised quality specifications for Waterproofing & Industrial Flooring Projects.
Our experience will help you in your current Projects and will get you better value on your investment.

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