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Repairs to Building


Repairs to Structures

Buildings & Structures come into Repairs due to ageing, aggresive environment and specification mismatch.
We provide a solutions based approach for structures needing repairs and refurbishment.
The solution design is based on a best system approach which will have products from various brands and our application expertise for the same.

Repairs & Refurbishment

This includeds entore roof refurbishment, strutural repairs, concrete floor reconditioning and replating, Anti Carbonation Coatings,
Basement Repairs with high water table water ingress and other such issues

Capability to Deliver World Class with Indian Ethos

Our experience with companies like BASF, MC-Bauchemie, Parex Group, Sopremo France, SIKA has given us an exposure for the managing some of the most challenging projects succesfully.
We can deliver anywhere in the India Sub-Continent, African & Middle East regions projects for waterproofing and floorings.

Specifications Development

We will be happy to develop impartial quality specifications for Waterproofing & Industrial Flooring Projects.
These specifications can be verfied by 3rd Parties for their effectiveness and performance.
Our experience will help you in your current Projects and may also get you better value on your investment.

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